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Best Acne Treatment - Four Causes of Acne

Best Acne Treatment - Four Causes of Acne

There are four causes of acne, and they might not be what you think. It's natural to think you're taking care of yourself and your skin, but are you really?

Think for a minute. When you get up, you wash your face. That means dousing it with soap, which is a harsh alkali, and rinses it with chlorinated water, which is a mild bleach. That's gotta kill germs, and it does, by the millions, but it's not really good for your skin.

You wash your face every day, don't you? Killing as many germs as you can. And you still have acne. That's because killing germs doesn't get rid of acne. Germs are just a symptom, just like the blemishes.

Germs are not the cause of acne, and just washing your face doesn't treat the true causes of acne. There are four causes, and you need to attack them all. You definitely need to wash your face. Don't stop! Just recognize just washing your face is not doing enough to be effective.

First, recognize your skin has needs, and the first cause of acne is neglect. Not paying attention to your skin's needs. Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it does most of the elimination of waste.

What is acne? Elimination of waste toxins through the skin, and resulting infection. When you have pain, whether it is physical pain caused by infection and inflammation, or emotional pain when you look in the mirror and see ugly acne, that pain is there to alert you - something needs to be done.

That first "something" is probably diet. You need to eat less fat and fried food. No more french fries! Stop living on fried meat. Learn to eat vegetables or salad with every meal, or "instead of" the unhealthy meals you used to eat.

Eat as much of your food raw as you can. Cooking destroys the enzymes of life in your food, and eating dead food pulls the life out of your body. One day a week, eat light or don't eat anything at all, to give your digestive system a rest. Drink plenty of pure water.

Second, you need to avoid stress. Do you worry a lot? About pimples, for instance? Well, cut it out! Stress is an actual cause of many sicknesses, including acne. Worrying alerts your body to mobilize the immune systems. With too many "false alarms," the immune system gets weakened.

Once you are doing those first two "internal" things, eating right and avoiding stress, you can move on to treating the external acne causes.

Third, recognize that ALL skin problems are caused by those internal things you are fighting. Whether you have pimples, white heads or black hesds, zits, akne, red blotches or even rosacea, they are all mirrors of what's going on INSIDE you.

Only when you have made your internal cleansing a habit, can you move on to unclogging your clogged pores. It's not hard to unclog your pores. There are many products out there to clean your skin, but be warned: some of them do not work!

I have collected only the ones that work. Acne cleansers, acne strips, acne lotions, acne masks, acne gels, acne herbs, and acne pills. I have tried them all, and in my search, I have eliminated the ones that don't work.

Fourth, get some help! Look around the web, and join a good acne support group. Meet other people with the same problem. Read and post on acne forums, where you can get emotional support, as you share acne tips, acne solutions, and acne home remedies.

Your library or bookstores will have acne books with acne strategies. Learn new ways to fight acne, through your clean living, and taking care of your skin. Fight the four causes of acne.

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